Is Meat/Poultry/Fish a Good Career Path ? Yes☑️

Is meat/poultry/fish a good career path

Yes, meat/poultry/fish is a good career path that specializes in producing farm products like eggs, meat, fish e.g.

In this post, I’ll explain the benefits and some advantages/disadvantages of the meat/poultry/fish career path that makes it a good career path.

Is meat/poultry/fish a good career path

Advantage Of meat/Poultry/fish career path

1. Lot Of Job Opportunities.

If there’s a career path that would guarantee you a Job once you’re qualified, then the meat, poultry/fish career path is one.

The reason why jobs are plenty is farm products like fish, eggs, meat, and eggs are essential because they’re used in preparations for different things and personal reasons.

So, this career path is ideal because you’ll undoubtedly get employed once you get the required certificate or qualifications.

2. Decent Salary:

Meat/poultry/fish good career path will earn you a decent amount of money to sustain you and your family.

But this career path is better when you own your Poultry farm or fish pound, and you can earn a lot more money.

Disadvantages of Is meat/poultry/fish a good career path

1. High Risk

If there’s a career with huge risk, then the meat/poultry/fish career path is part of them.

Livestock is the kind of business that deals with a living thing, and a small outbreak can lead to the loss of birds or fish.

So, if all due precautions are taken, the risk can be controlled and managed, depending on the qualifications and experience of the medical team.

2. Poor Holiday Allowance

livestock jobs don’t have much free time to go on holidays or seasonal festivals because they’ll have to take care of the livestock.

The farm can’t be left empty because the birds/fishes can’t do without food, and they reproduce eggs which must be collected to avoid loss of production.

8 Best paying meat/poultry/fish a good career path

1. Farm Manager -$150,000 – $240,000 per year

A farm Manager is Qualified personnel whose job is to give directives and orders on the livestock farm.

The farm manager must have 2- 3 years of experience working on a farm before they can hire such a person for the farm manager position.

A farm Manager is one of the highest paying jobs in the meat/poultry/fish career path because they control the highest position in the livestock farm.

Educational Requirements

Master’s degrees or Ph.D. in animal-related courses, like that of a veterinarian.

2. Farm Doctor $150,000 – $300,000 per Year

A farm Doctor is a person that treats the birds/fishes and prescribes the best medication or vaccine for the birds/fishes.

Their job is one of the most critical jobs on a livestock farm because they’re the ones that can help reduce the risk on livestock farms.

Education Requirements:

Must possess a Ph.D. or master’s degree as a veterinarian from a reliable and Trusted institution.


A farm doctor’s job requires a lot of work experience because the job is essential and highly demanding.

You have to get at least two to three years of work experience under the watch of a qualified veterinarian.

3. General Manager – $120,000 – $230,000 per annum

A general manager is a superior person who gives directives and determines what’s best or which step to take next on s livestock farm.

The general manager enjoys a close relationship with the company’s owner, discussing what is best for the farm.

4. Farm Auditor – $89,000 – $120,000 per year

An auditor is a person that calculates the total number of materials and birds/fish remains for that month.

They’re the ones that give account for everything that was used or bought but the farm for the whole month.

To become a professional auditor, you need to get at least a high school diploma, Ph.D., master’s degree in business administration, or anything related.

Meanwhile, to be qualified as a farm Auditor, you also need to provide the necessary work experience.

5. Farm Store keeper – $67,000 – $97,000 per annum

A farm storekeeper is a person in charge of keeping a record of every good or drug brought into the store and taken out of the farm store.

The person needs adequate knowledge and experience in bookkeeping in order to carry out his/her duty perfectly.

Their job is also great with little stress because they’re only to monitor all that’s in the farm stores.

6. Farm Warehouse Manager – $120,000 – $190,000

A Farm Warehouse manager is the person in charge of managing the production of the feed given to the livestock.

Their job is one the best-paying jobs on livestock farms and is highly demanding,

The warehouse farm Manager’s job requires in-depth knowledge of livestock feed production and managing the warehouse.

Their job requires at least a high School Diploma, Ph.D., and master’s degree in courses related to farm feed production.

7. Pen Supervisor – $56,000 – $94,000 per year

A pen Supervisor job is also an excellent job because they’re in charge of giving directives according to the order given to them by the farm manager.

Their job is also essential because they keep a close eye on the pen attendant and ensure they carry out their duties appropriately.

8. Farm Accountant – $70,000 -$210,000 per year

A farm accountant job is considered excellent and high-paying because they manage the company’s account and keep records of every expense made.

To become a farm Accountant, you need to study either accounting or courses related to it, and you must have at least a master’s degree or Ph.D. in accounting or courses related.

in conclusion

In this post, we discussed “is meat/poultry/fish a good career path” and listed some important things to note,

such as the disadvantages and advantages of the career path and also the highest paying jobs.

Once you read through it, you should be able to determine the benefit and profitable jobs under this career path.

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