Uk or USA which is better for education

The United States and England are still the favorite destination countries for international students. See the differences between studying in America and in England.

There are two countries that are still favorite destinations for international students, namely the United States and England . These two countries are in first and second position due to several factors, such as the level of security, quality of education, tuition fees and also the ease of obtaining a student visa. But, what other aspects do you need to consider when choosing one of these countries?


There are several other factors that can be your benchmark if you want to continue studying in America or England:

1. Cost of Studying in America vs England


tuition fee

Tuition fees in these two countries are not much different with America having higher tuition fees. Tuition fees in America per year start from 45 million to 320 million, while tuition fees in England start from 57 million to 258 million per year.

The cost of living in big British cities like London is higher than in some American cities. But studying in England, for example at undergraduate level, only takes three years, while in America it takes four years. If you do the math, tuition fees and living costs in England are cheaper than studying in America.

You also need to prepare health insurance when studying in America. If you study in England and take a program that lasts more than six months, you will automatically get health insurance.

2. Teaching Patterns in America vs England

The teaching patterns applied in these two countries are different, you should choose one that suits your way of learning. In America, students are allowed to take courses outside the major they are studying, for example you can still take law courses even if you study economics. You will get the opportunity to learn broader knowledge but it is difficult to deepen one field of knowledge. If in the middle of the semester you feel that you are not suited to the major you are taking and want to change majors, this can be done at universities in America.


On the other hand, in England, from the start of your studies you have to be certain about the major you are taking because changing majors or universities will be difficult. Universities in England expect students to specialize in studying one field of science. The advantage is that in England there are many majors in the field of science which enable students to study one field of science in depth and in a specialized manner.

The college system in America is neatly scheduled and students are required to follow a tight schedule. Meanwhile in England, students are asked to do more assignments and take exams so that they are not too busy with their lecture schedule and can be filled with other activities outside of college.


3. Educational Reputation

studying in America

These two countries have many high-quality universities and are recognized throughout the world. Degrees from universities in these two countries will generally be seen as more prestigious than universities from other countries.

4. Job Opportunities

International students in the UK can work part time for 20 hours a week and work full time during holidays anywhere, including off campus. Meanwhile in America, international students can only work in campus environments, such as cafes or university-owned bookstores.


After graduating, international students in the UK can immediately work thanks to the skilled-worker visa (formerly called Tier 2) which applies to students who have graduated if they find a company willing to provide sponsorship , or now UK graduates can also get a graduate visa which is valid for 2 -3 years after graduation (depending on level and period of study) before finding a company willing to grant a skilled-worker visa.


America requires a sponsorship letter from the company where you work if you want to stay and work in America. After the J-1 visa (American graduate visa) runs out, you have to apply for a company sponsor visa which has a certain quota each year. This makes working in America a little more challenging, but many Indonesian students have managed to settle and work there after graduation.


Now you can choose to study in America or study in England which is more suited to your interests and needs.

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