Career Choices for Extroverts

Career Choices for Extroverts

Do you have an extrovert personality? What kind of career is right for you? Come on, check out the recommendations here!

Are you the type of person who likes gathering with lots of people, energetic, enthusiastic about taking part in social activities, comfortable being in large groups, always enthusiastic when asked to join activities with friends? Yes, you must be an extrovert type of person.


As an extrovert, have you ever considered a major or career choice that suits your nature or personality? Did you know that personality is an accurate predictor in choosing a major, apart from interest and talent of course. Curious about what majors are suitable for extroverts? Let’s discuss further!


Get to know MBTI

One approach that can be used to understand someone’s personality is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This approach views that in this world, there are 16 types of human personality, which are the result of a combination of the following 4 dichotomies:

  • Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
  • Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)



What is an Extrovert Personality?

The extrovert personality type, which is often abbreviated as “E” in MBTI, has the characteristics of tending to be energetic, full of enthusiasm, enjoys interacting with many people, and is comfortable working in a dynamic team.

Extroverts generally look for work fields that are dynamic, full of social interaction, and have a lot to do with the process of collaboration or cooperation with other people. They usually have  excellent  communication and leadership  skills.

So, to find out the other 3 dichotomy combinations, you can answer the following fun quiz :


Dichotomy Question
S vs. N 1. Do you rely more on logic and analysis (S) or intuition and feelings (N) when making big decisions?
2. Do you prefer to reflect and introspect (N) or focus more on actions and concrete things around you (S) ?


Dichotomy Question
T vs. F 3. Do you feel excited (T) or stressed (F) when given a big responsibility or having to make long-term plans?
4. When in conflict, do you prefer to seek a compromise (F) or express your opinion firmly (T) ?


Dichotomy Question
J vs. P 5. Do you feel more comfortable with a structured plan (J) or prefer to live your day more flexibly (P) when you have a tight schedule?
6. How do you handle urgent work or an approaching deadline, do you prefer to finish it well in advance (J) or only when the deadline approaches (P) ?


So, from the question above, it is quite clear, apart from being an extrovert, what other personality combination do you have?



MBTI Extrovert Major Recommendations

The following is an explanation of personality characteristics,  suitable fields, recommended majors, and fields that are less suitable for this extraverted personality.



ENFP, also known as The Optimist or The Campaigner, is a passionate, idealistic, enthusiastic, creative and open-minded personality. They are individuals who are always ready to interact with others and share new ideas. ENFP individuals usually like flexible and collaborative learning. They tend to dislike routines or learning that is too monotonous can make them feel bored.

Suitable Careers:

Entrepreneur, Human Resources, Brand Manager, Sales, and Social Worker

Recommended Majors:

Performing Arts, Environmental Studies, Psychology, Communication Studies, Business Management or Marketing Management, Education, Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science), Creative Arts or Design, Media Studies and Journalism and International Relations.

Less Suitable Fields:

Engineer,  Finance and Banking, Military




ENFJs are often referred to as “Teacher” types because of their interest in helping others develop and grow. ENFJs are energetic, multi-taskers, and very sensitive to the needs of others. They tend to be optimistic and think ahead, always seeing opportunities for improvement. They are able to inspire and motivate others, see potential in other individuals, and move others toward positive ideas.

Suitable Careers for ENFJ:

Educator, Consultant, Social Worker, Psychologist, Career Counselor, Therapist, Pastor or Religious Figure, Social Activist, HR Manager, Writer, and Public Relations Specialist

Recommended Majors for ENFJs :

Education, Psychology, Counselling, Sociology, Communication, Political Science, Religious Studies and Human Resources Management

Fields That Are Not Suitable for ENFJs:

Laboratory workers, sales, scientists, researchers, veterinarians


ENTJs are often referred to as “Commander” personalities. They are a strategic leader in the team. They are able to see where inefficiencies are and conceptualize new solutions, and enjoy developing long-term plans to achieve their vision. They are excellent at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick to respond. Besides that,

Suitable Fields:

Business and Finance, Management, Management Consultants, Market Research, Architecture and Engineering, Life, Physical and Social Sciences, Arts and Media, Information Technology and Computers, Health, Education, Training and Libraries, Sports and Entertainment and Law and Order

Major Recommendations:

Business Management, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Public Health, Law, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Marketing, Information Technology

Less Suitable Fields:

Receptionists, medical assistants, kindergarten teachers, hospital nurses, restaurant assistants and jobs in child care.


ENTPs are sometimes referred to as Visionary personalities because of their passion for new and innovative ideas. They are curious, intelligent individuals who actively seek to understand the people, systems and principles that surround them. They have an open mind and like to argue with other people. In addition, they easily get bored quickly when they have to repeat tasks or pay attention to details.

Suitable Fields:

Business and Finance, Arts, Entertainment and Media, Information Technology and Computers, Science and Medicine, Architecture and Engineering, Law, Science and Research.

Major Recommendations:

Business Management, Financial Analyst, Graphic Designer, Software Developer, Market Researcher, Actor or Artist, Environmental Scientist, Psychologist, Architect, Political Scientist, College Lecturer or Instructor and Doctor

Less Suitable Fields:

Receptionist or medical assistant, kindergarten teacher or nurse, jobs within a bank or factory supervision.


ESFJs are often referred to as “Giving” personalities because they tend to be caring and strive to help others in practical ways. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and always try to bring harmony and cooperation around them. ESFJs enjoy jobs that allow them to complete tasks and see results, and prefer a high level of structure and organization. They feel satisfied when they complete tasks with attention to sequence and detail. The ideal job for an ESFJ requires attention to procedures and specifications, and allows the ESFJ to work methodically in managing people and processes.

Suitable Fields:

Education, Social Services, Health, Law, Business, Finance, Journalism, Customer Service and Sales

Major Recommendations:

Education, Psychology, Social Sciences, Health, Law, Business, Finance, and Communication.

Less Suitable Fields:

Software Developer or Programmer, Airline Pilot, Farmer, Investment Banker, Actor, Economist or Social Scientist.


ESFPs are full of enthusiasm and are able to cheer up the people around them. They are spontaneous, energetic and fun-loving, and enjoy the things around them: food, clothes, nature, animals and especially people. ESFPs are usually warm and talkative and have an infectious enthusiasm for life. They like to be in the thick of things and be the center of attention. They have a playful and open sense of humor, and like to invite other people to have fun.

Suitable Fields:

Education, Social Work (Social Worker, Counselor, Health Care Administrator), Health (Nurse, Physical Therapist, Doctor), Customer Service (Customer Service Representative), Finance (Retail Manager, Corporate Manager, Insurance Agent), Entertainment (Musician, Artist , Photographer), Culinary (Chef, Baker, Restaurant Host), Sales (Sales Manager, Retail Sales), Health and Fitness (Fitness Trainer, Dental Hygienist) and Recreation (Recreation Worker, Event Coordinator)

Major Recommendations:

Education, Social Work, Health, Arts and Design, Culinary, Business, Finance, Communication, Entertainment, Health and Fitness and Recreation

Less Suitable Fields:

Systems Analyst, Airline Pilot, Agricultural Worker, Lawyer, Management Consultant, Economist, Psychologist.


ESTPs are individuals who are motivated to solve logical problems head-on. They have a strong grasp of the concrete reality of a situation and have a good sense of the resources available. Because they understand the current facts, they can often quickly find a way out from a difficult situation. ESTPs often choose careers that utilize their dexterity, mechanical skills, or ability to physically negotiate their environment.

Suitable Fields:

Construction, Automotive, Agriculture, Fitness and Health, Management, Engineering, Finance, Health, Technology and Ground Services (Flight Attendants, Chefs, Restaurant Owners)

Major Recommendations:

Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Business or Management, Finance, Accounting, Health Sciences, Technology, Electronic Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Physical Education or Sports.

Less Suitable Fields:

Writer, Librarian, Craft Artist, Animator, Kindergarten Teacher, Organizational Psychologist or market researcher, Doctor’s Assistant or Public Health Nurse.


ESTJs are organized, rule-abiding and conscientious individuals, like to complete tasks, and tend to take a systematic and methodical approach in their projects. When they notice disorder, ESTJs often take the initiative to establish processes and guidelines, so that everyone know what to expect.

Suitable Fields:

Management and Leadership, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Engineering, Education, Health Military and Law Enforcement, Business, Construction, Information Technology, Civil Service, Jobs Requiring Organizing and Management

Major Recommendations:

Business, Management, Finance, Accounting, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Health, Medicine, Law, Business Law, Education, Educational Administration

Less Suitable Fields:

Artist, Graphic Designer, Writer, or Musician, Actor or Artist, Social Worker, Psychologist, Researcher or Writer, Cosmetologist or Restaurant Host


It turns out that even though you have an extrovert personality, not all types of fields or majors are suitable for you. By understanding your MBTI combination, you can get more insight into what major is really suitable for you.

So, for those of you who want to ask about what major is suitable for your studies abroad, you can consult directly with our counselor!

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