10 Top Universities in Canada That You Must Consider

Want to study in Canada, but don’t know which university to go to? Find out 10 top universities in Canada that you must consider only at phoneluk.com!

Do you have dreams of studying and working abroad? If so, that means you must consider Canada as a study destination.


In terms of education, Canada is known to have a world-class education system. The proof is that Canada managed to occupy first position on the list of the most educated countries in the world according to the OECD ( Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ).


Apart from that, Canada is a country that is very open to accepting immigrants and the cultural diversity they bring. Canada also has many policies to make it easier for international students to start their careers there.


1.  University of Alberta



  • UAlberta has one of the highest graduate employment prospects in Canada. Additionally, this university is located in the province of Alberta which has the highest average salaries in Canada.
  • Some of the leading fields of study at this university are engineering, business, agriculture, nursing, and earth sciences.
  • UAlberta has a General International Undergraduate Scholarships program which provides first-year college scholarships to international students.

Want to know more about this university? Just browse the directory of study departments at the University of Alberta or download the official University of Alberta brochure .


2.  University of Waterloo



  • Waterloo has the largest CO-OP program (a type of 4-6 month paid internship program) in North America.
  • This university is one of the universities that has an Intellectual Property policy. This means that all things created or discovered on the Waterloo campus fully belong to the inventor or creator.
  • The areas of study that are superior at Waterloo are science, computer science, engineering and mathematics.


Are you curious about this university? Try looking at the directory of study departments at the University of Waterloo .


3.  Queen’s University



  • In the Ontario region, Queen’s is the university with the second largest number of graduate students. In addition, Queen’s has the highest master’s and doctoral degree completion rates in Canada.
  • This university is located in Kingston – one of the best student cities in the world according to the BBC.
  • Queen’s is known for its superior specialist medical education programs. Some of these are psychiatry, oncology, and cardiovascular programs.

Want to study at this institution? First read the directory of study departments at Queen’s University, Canada .


4.  University of Victoria



  • Sustainability issues are an important component in the curriculum of most departments at this University. Therefore, UVic could be an option for those of you who care about this issue.
  • UVic has the second largest library system in British Columbia. Apart from printed books, this library also provides a very extensive digital collection.
  • Some prominent research areas at UVic are marine science, engineering, mathematics, data science, and computer science.

Please examine the directory of study departments at the University of Victoria to understand all the study programs you can take there.



5.  University of Saskatchewan



  • The university is located in Saskatoon, the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. Uniquely, Saskatoon still has an excellent level of friendliness and accessibility.
  • USask is known for its collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to solving the biggest global challenges, such as water and food security, energy sustainability and infectious diseases.
  • Agriculture, zoology, botany and biotechnology are some of the fields of science that have a good reputation at this university.


You can find out what majors are available at this institution by reading the directory of majors at the University of Saskatchewan .


6.  University of Guelph


Facts about the University of Guelph:


  • In 2020, Maclean’s magazine named the university as the comprehensive university with the best student satisfaction rates in Canada.
  • The University of Guelph is a member of the Tri-University History group along with the University of Waterloo & Wilfrid Laurier University . This allows graduate students majoring in history at Guelph to take courses at the other 2 universities in the group.
  • The leading study programs at Guelph include agro-food, veterinary medicine, environmental studies, and food science and technology.

For complete information regarding the study paths that you can take at this institution, please access the directory of study departments at the University of Guelph.


7.  Carleton University



  • The computer science, engineering and mathematics fields of study at this university are ranked in the top 10 in the QS World University Rankings .
  • Teaching at this university requires students to undergo internship and research programs and work with local communities. So students will get experience that complements the theories they have studied.
  • The Faculty of Public Policy & Public Administration at Carleton is recognized as the best school of public policy in Canada.


Does this university interest you? Come browse  the directory of study departments at Carleton University or  download the official Carleton University brochure .


8.  University of New Brunswick



  • UNB has flexible study programs, so students can design their own programs and take courses from other study programs.
  • Some fields of study that receive high rankings at UNB are engineering, environmental sciences, and animal and plant sciences.
  • In 2021, UNB received a 5 star rating from the QS World University Rankings . UNB is the second university in Canada to achieve this prestigious assessment.

Perfect your study plan by reading the University of New Brunswick course directory . You can also download the official University  of New Brunswick brochure .


9.  University of Windsor



  • This university is located in the city of Windsor which is the center of the Canadian automotive industry. Because of this, automotive is one of the main research focuses at UWindsor.
  • UWindsor is the only university in North America that offers a PhD program in Argumentation Studies .
  • The university has a good reputation for its diverse fields of study, some of which are mechanical engineering, environmental science, and psychology.

10.  Ryerson University


  • Civil engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science are examples of some of the best-ranked majors at Ryerston.
  • Ryerston University has 10 startup incubator zones on campus and each zone has its own focus. These zones can be used by students as a place to practice their knowledge or develop the ideas they have.
  • Some of the famous alumni of this university are Nina Dobrev, Mena Massoud, Nia Vardalos, and Isadore Sharp.

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