Various Exciting Activities You Can Do in Canada

Various Exciting Activities You Can Do in Canada

Canada is a study destination with various interesting activities that enrich your college experience. Read information about various exciting activities that you can do in Canada only on!

Canada is an ideal study destination for the personal and academic growth of international students. This country not only offers international class higher education, but also various interesting activities that will enrich your college experience.


Come on , take a peek at some exciting activities in Canada that you can do easily.

Watch  an Ice Hockey Match

Watch Ice Hockey Matches in Canada - Hotcourses Indonesia

Canada is known as the birthplace of  ice hockey  . Because of this, this sport, which is usually shortened to hockey  , is considered a national sport in Canada and has a very large fan community.


Some of the biggest teams in Canada are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. Matches between these teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) are usually broadcast on television and you can watch them at home or in a sports bar with your friends. But if you can get tickets, watching live at the ice hockey rink will definitely be much more exciting!


This activity can help you build closer relationships with your college friends. So you can mingle with the university community more easily.


Try  Winter Sports

Try Winter Sports in Canada - Hotcourses Indonesia

As residents of tropical countries, students from Indonesia rarely get the opportunity to try outdoor winter sports, such as skiing and  snowboarding. Fortunately, the Canadian climate is very suitable for those of you who are curious about trying winter sports activities.


Apart from snowboarding and skiing, there are many other winter sports that you can try, including  ice skating , curling,  and fishing on frozen lakes/seas.


Camping in Summer

Summer Camping in Canada - Hotcourses Indonesia

As a developed country, Canada is synonymous with modern cities. Even so, Canada still has a beautiful natural environment that is suitable for camping activities. So it’s not surprising that  camping  is one of the favorite activities for families and nature lovers in Canada.


Camping in the open is one way you can socialize with new friends. What’s even more fun is that you can also see lots of animals in the wild, such as moose (North American deer) and deer. Since it can get cold at night, make sure you bring all the equipment you need to keep warm.


Some famous camping spots in Canada are Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, as well as  Lake Superior Provincial Park and Silent Lake Provincial Park in Ontario. 


Through the Snow With a Dog Sled 

Dog sledding or riding a snow sled pulled by a group of dogs is another exciting activity that you can try in Canada. Seeing Canada’s beautiful natural scenery while riding  a dog sled  is guaranteed to be a unique and memorable experience.


Transportation methods such as  dog sledding can be found in several other countries and regions in the world. However, the oldest archaeological evidence of the emergence of this transportation method was found in Canada. Today,  dog sledding  is a popular way to explore remote areas of Canada and is also seen as a uniquely Canadian activity.


No  need to be confused if you want to try this activity, because you  just have to sit back and relax on the sled. You can also ask to take control yourself,  you know ! Some popular places for dog sledding are Banff National Park in Alberta and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.


Coffee at Tim Hortons

Coffee at Tim Hortons Restaurants in Canada - Hotcourses Indonesia

Tim Hortons is a restaurant chain in Canada known for its specialty coffee and donuts. Every morning this restaurant becomes a destination for Canadians looking for breakfast and coffee. There are more than 3,500 Tim Hortons branches in Canada, so you won’t have any trouble finding this restaurant.


International students in Canada who  need coffee after studying all night or having to attend morning classes  usually immediately become regular Tim Hortons customers. This restaurant also provides various other hot drinks that can warm the body during cold weather. Some of the favorite menus that you must try at Tim Hortons are Double Double coffee and Boston Cream donuts


Watching the Northern Lights

Canada is one of the best places in the world to witness the aurora borealis or Northern Lights . The ideal time to see this natural phenomenon is from October to March, because the darkness of night lasts longer in these months.

The Northern Lights can be seen more clearly in places far from urban areas, because the view of the sky is not obstructed by air pollution. Currently, the provinces of British Columbia, Yukon, Northern Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia are the best places in Canada to watch the aurora borealis dance across the sky.


Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

Adventure in the Rocky Mountains, Canada - Hotcourses Indonesia

The Rocky Mountains (Rockies) are mountains that stretch from the province of British Columbia to Alberta. When exploring the Rockies, you will be able to see beautiful lakes, beautiful natural scenery, and an amazing diversity of fauna. If you want to adventure in the Rockies, prepare yourself by visiting the Summits of Canada website which provides complete information about all the mountains in Canada.


Banff National Park is part of the Rocky Mountains which can be the starting point for your adventure. This park, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site , has 1,600km of hiking trails that visitors can explore.

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