What if your student visa application is rejected?

What if your student visa application is rejected?
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Reasons why overseas student visa applications are rejected and what can be done

In general, if all the documents are complete, and you have followed the required procedures, there will usually be no problems with your student visa application. However, this authority is beyond our control, but in the hands of the embassy of the country we are studying.

Usually, several reasons why a student visa application is rejected are:

1. Insufficient funds in the bank account

If the funds in the account are lower than recommended, then the visa application will definitely be rejected. If you have received a scholarship, or sponsorship from a company or other party, also include this proof to increase your chances of getting a student visa approved.


2. Not continuing your education immediately without clear reasons

If you do not immediately continue your education at university, give a clear reason, for example you are taking a preparatory course, or because of a medical condition, etc. Unclear information could be the reason your student visa application is rejected.


3. Irrelevant major

For example, you already have a Bachelor’s degree majoring in engineering, then want to continue with a Master’s degree majoring in performance and dance. It is very likely that your visa application will be rejected, unless you can provide a convincing reason.


4. Not paying taxes

Some countries, especially the UK, attach great importance to tax discipline. If they check the source of the funds you provided and it turns out that taxes have not been paid, they can refuse on the assumption that you do not have good intentions to enter their country.


So, what can I do if my student visa application is rejected?

  • You can try other countries. For example, if your visa to study in America is rejected, you can try other popular countries .
  • If you don’t want to change your study destination country, you can try again next year. But make sure you utilize your time by doing something useful, for example an internship or looking for work. This way, your chances of being accepted for a visa application in the following year will be greater.
  • So that everything runs smoothly, make sure you have read the student visa guide so you can prepare everything well. 

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