Tips for Saving Expenses and Finding Additional Income While Studying

Tips for Saving Expenses and Finding Additional Income While Studying

The cost of living during college is not small. There are many expenses that cannot be avoided. However, you can save on your expenses by managing your budget as best as possible.

The cost of living during college is not small. There are many expenses that cannot be avoided. For example, transportation costs, shopping for daily necessities at supermarkets, entertainment and so on. However, you can save on your expenses by managing your budget as best as possible. Follow the tips we provide below…


Have a student transportation card

Discount cards for transportation can help you save a lot. Especially if you live off campus. Or you often travel from one place to another. Depending on the country where you study, the discounts given to students may vary. You can find information by asking the university, or accessing the student portal in the city of your study destination.

Always carry a student card

Usually there are certain shops or supermarkets that provide special discounts for students. You can ask the shop assistant.

Buy used books

Textbooks can be very expensive, and sometimes one course may require more than one textbook. A way to save is to buy used books. You can visit a shop that sells used books, or read the announcements on campus, in case there are seniors who want to sell their books. Sometimes campuses will also hold used book sales events. Usually this event is held by student associations.

Night market

you can get good and cheap goods at the local night market. This night market is usually not held every day. You can ask local residents about the place and time the night market is held. Night markets are an interesting place to get unique and cheap local snacks.

Depending on your country of study, there are also some supermarkets or mini markets that offer half price discounts on lunch or bread after certain hours, for example after 7 pm. The goal is that they want to maintain the freshness of the food they sell. If stored the next day, the food may no longer be fresh or the taste may change. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to save money.

Participate in special student events

Usually there are local restaurants or cafes that determine one day to give discounts to students. Bring your student card and show it to the waiter, and you can enjoy food and drinks at special prices especially for students.



Take a survey

You can fill out surveys online and get paid. You just have to provide answers to the questions asked and then you will receive payment. Not all payments are in cash, sometimes they can be in the form of discount vouchers for shopping centers or certain brands or shops.



Participate in part-time work on campus

Usually campuses look for students to do part-time jobs such as folding brochures, putting campus magazines in envelopes, pasting addresses or other non-permanent jobs. This job will be paid hourly. This information will not be disseminated widely, usually it will only be disseminated within student associations or students who are close to administrative staff.


Permanent part-time jobs on campus are also available. For example, working as staff in a cafe, assistant library staff and so on. However, usually these vacancies are limited. If you are active in a student association, your chances of getting a job like this will be higher.


Apart from that, there are also jobs as teaching assistants or laboratory staff, but these jobs are usually reserved for high-achieving students.



Depending on where you live, buying a bicycle can be a profitable investment. In certain countries, special lanes are provided for bicycle users, so you don’t need to worry about traffic safety. Apart from not causing pollution, cycling helps you to exercise, it can also save your transportation costs.


Self cooking

If you live in a dormitory or accommodation without catering services, cooking yourself is of course healthier and cheaper. Especially if you cook and enjoy with friends. This activity can be very fun, because you can exchange and share experiences. Buying cooking ingredients at the supermarket and sharing with friends can be much cheaper than eating out.

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