10 Best Universities in the World for Public Health (Public Health) Majors

10 Best Universities in the World for Public Health (Public Health) Majors

Even though it is not as popular as medical science majors, Public Health plays an important role in the health sector. We discuss 10 universities with the best Public Health majors in the world for those of you who want to study this major

Want to study in the health field? Most people would usually think about studying medicine, nursing, or midwifery. But actually there is one more major that you need to consider: the Department of Public Health .


The field of public health plays an important role in promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing disease, and helping individuals deal with illness and disability. This field is a health sector whose graduates are much sought after, especially as our world enters the post-pandemic era. So the job prospects for public health graduates are now getting brighter at the global level.


If you are interested in majoring in public health, it would be a good idea for you to study it at top universities abroad. That way, you will get a qualification that is recognized worldwide and can work in various countries.


Are you curious about which foreign universities have the best public health departments in the world? The Hotcourses Indonesia team will discuss the 10 universities with the best health majors in the world based on the 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects from Shanghai Rankings .


10. University of Toronto , Canada

  • The University of Toronto consistently occupies a top 10 position in ranking lists of the best public universities in the world. The university also receives the largest scientific research funding in Canada.
  • The public health major at the University of Toronto is taught at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health which offers Master’s & Doctoral programs. Today, the Dalla Lana School of Public has the largest number of public health scholars in Canada.


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at the University of Toronto

S2 CAD27,500 – 43,650/year
S3 CAD55,120/year


9. University of Bristol , England

  • According to the results of the latest research, employers in the UK place University of Bristol graduates in third place in their ranking list of university alumni they are looking for. 
  • The University of Bristol is home to two of the UK’s leading research bodies in public health: the Department of Population Health Sciences and the Center for Public Health . So students majoring in public health will receive training and education that always refers to the latest research.

Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at the University of Bristol

S2 GBP22,100 – 24,900/year
S3 GBP25,300 – 39,400/year


8. Karolinska Institute, Sweden

  • Karolinska Institute is known for its research results and mission to improve the quality of human health. Students at this institute can actively participate in this mission to create a healthier future at the international level.
  • Karolinska Institue opens Masters & Doctoral programs in the field of public health for international students. Especially for the PhD program, this institute waives tuition fees for domestic and international students. 


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at Karolinska Institutet

S2 SEK180,000 – 360,000 (total tuition fees)
S3 Free


7. University College London , England

  • About 53% of students at this university are international students. This diversity of cultural backgrounds enriches the study journey of UCL students because it presents various points of view in discussing their field of study.
  • Most Bachelor of Public Health courses at UCL are only open to medical sciences students.


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at UCL

S1 GBP32,100/year
S2 GBP18,000 – 35,000/year
S3 GBP29,000


6. University of Oxford . English

  • The department of public health at the University of Oxford is under the auspices of the Nuffield Department of Population Health which has made breakthroughs in research on pregnancy, childbirth, and maternal and infant health.
  • Oxford students can learn directly from various global scale research carried out by Oxford, such as research on breast cancer which has been carried out by more than 600 researchers in 50 countries and has been running for 3 decades. 


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at the University of Oxford

S2 GBP9,975 – 39,280/year
S3 GBP14,850 – 29,700/year


 5. Imperial College London , England

  • The Department of Public Health at Imperial College London has won the Athena SWAN Bronze Award – an award given to UK university departments that successfully support women in career development in science, technology, engineering and medicine.
  • The Bachelor of Public Health program at Imperial is only open to students in medicine or other relevant majors who are currently studying at a UK university.


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at Imperial College London

S1 GBP50,400/year
S2 GBP11,600 – 40,800/year
S3 GBP40,800/year


4. University of Washington , United States

  • The Department of Public Health at the University of Washington is committed to experiential learning to ensure students can apply the knowledge they learn in real-world work environments.
  • 95% of University of Washington Public Health Department graduates successfully find employment within 1 year of graduation.

Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at the University of Washington

S1 USD40,740/year
S2 USD35,337 – 41,331/year
S3 USD35,337/year


3. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine , England

  • Thanks to their work in handling COVID-19, LHSTM received the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2021.
  • In the UK Region, LHSTM has the highest number of international research collaborations and is known for publishing the most research involving female researchers. 


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees


S2 GBP16,800 – 34,920/year
S3 GBP20,140 – 24,490/year


2. Johns Hopkins University , United States

  • The department of public health at Johns Hopkins University is the largest public health department in the world and currently hosts more than 3,000 students from 97 countries.
  • The Epidemiology training program is the most popular postdoctoral program in Johns Hopkins University’s department of public health.


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at Johns Hopkins University

S2 USD16,800 – 76,200/year
S3 USD 60,960 / year


1. Harvard University , United States

  • Apart from occupying first position in   the 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects  from  Shanghai Rankings , Harvard University’s public health department also achieved first position in the world in the Edu Rank ranking list.
  • Several well-known figures who received public health education at Harvard were Shuji Ogino and former Indonesian Minister of Health, Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih.


Estimated Public Health Tuition Fees

at Harvard University

S2 USD36,648 – 66,960/year
S3 USD 129,292 (total cost)


All fees listed on this page are subject to change at any time according to each university’s policy. Therefore, the Hotcourses Indonesia team recommends that you check the official website of the university of your choice again to get the latest tuition fee data.

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