Is Consumer Electronics/Appliances A Good Career Path?🤔

Is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path?

Yes, the consumer electronics/appliances career path has many unique benefits you need to know.

So, in this post, you will get to know the benefits of consumer electronics appliances, and you’ll also get to know the best-paying jobs in this career path. Let’s dive in.

What Exactly is Consumer Electronics Appliances career path?

Consumer electronics appliances career path is a career path that has to do with the production and sales of things like TV sets, refrigerators, electric cookers, etc.

Today, electronics appliances are one of the top most used devices/materials that many cannot do without today. The phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or iPhone used to read this post is an example of appliances.

Is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path

Benefits of Consumer Electronics appliances Career Path

1. Career Growth

Growth is one of the top benefits of the consumer electronics appliances career path.

Following our research, we could confirm that the consumer electronics appliances career path has had one of the highest increases among all career paths.

And there’s an estimated 20% percent growth from 2027, making the consumer electronics appliances career one of the best career paths to choose now.

Mainly, the growth will positively affect the consumer electronics career path by increasing the job opportunity rate.

2. High marketing increase

Another top benefit Is the marketing value of the consumer electronics career path.

According to a report, the consumer electronics appliances marketing value is expected to increase by 8% between now till 2027, after ending the year 2020 with a market value of over 1trillion dollars.

The marketing value of consumer electronics appliances career path will cause an increase in salaries and job opportunities.

So, if you’re searching for a career with high-paying jobs and a possible future increase, then this career path is an ideal option.

3. Profitable Salary

Another eye-catching benefit is good salaries.

If you’re looking for a career that can help you cover your needs and depths, this career path is also one of them because there are a lot of high-paying jobs that can quickly settle your needs.

Moreover, the Salary should increase as time goes on because there’s a high possibility that the growth of consumer electronics career path will be faster than expected due to the advancement in technology.

4. Personal ownership:

The Consumer electronics/appliances is a career path that gives you a chance for a personally owned business, which can be classified as a privately owned business.

So, if one day you ever get the financial power to start your own personal-owned business, then you can be sure of establishing your own personal-owned company or workshop in this field.

5. Fast Advancement

The advancement of consumer electronics/appliances career path is coming fasting than expected.

Take a brief Look at how electronics appliances have advanced in recent years, the new model phone, laptop, desktop, etc. You’ll see that from ten years to now, the advancement has been faster than ever.

Another significant advancement is the development of new electronics appliances that were not existing before but are now doing well and taking over; an example is the Earpod.

6. Good Time Schedule

Consumer electronic appliances career path has a good work shift, scheduled from 7:00 pm to 3:45 am.

What Products Come Under Consumer Electronics?

There are a lot of products that come under the consumer electronics career path, such as:
1. TV- television
2. Refrigerator,
3. Radio
4. DVD player
5. Mobile phone
6. Laptop, desktop
7. Computer
8. Electric blender
9. Electric cooker
10. Power bank
11. Generator
12. headset
13. warmer
14. air condition
15. heater
16. rechargeable Batteries
17. standing fan
18. rechargeable fans
19. Network wifi
20. Tablet.
21. washing machine.

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Electronics Appliances Career Path

1. Appliances Technician $53,000 – $134,000 per Annum

An appliances technician job is among the highest paying jobs under the consumer electronic appliances career path.

An Appliance technician is typically a well-trained person whose job is to repair and maintain electronic appliances.

The job of an Appliances technician is also one of the best jobs on this career path,

meanwhile, the average Salary of an appliances technician is $53,000 per year, which is estimated to increase as time goes on.

2. Production Associate $45,000 – $80,000 per annum

A production associate is a person who’s among the production team of a company.

The production associate job is highly demanded, and top companies like Samsung are ready to hire qualified people for this position.

The qualifications for this position include:
1. you must be 18 years and above
2. you must have your work permit
3. you need at least a high School Diploma educational certificate
4. you must be willing to work hard and improve.

3. Equipment Technician $50,000 per annum

An Equipment Technician job is an expert specializing in maintaining, repairing, and installing electronic appliances.

Equipment Technician is also an excellent paying job with Little educational qualifications.

4. Electrical Worker – $56,000 per annum

The electrical work is an expert with good knowledge of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing electronic appliances and the ability to carry out his duties perfectly.

The job is one of the best in the consumer electronic appliances career path because they earn an average of $56,000 per year.

In Conclusion

We have discussed intensively on “is consumer electronics appliances a good career path,” discussed the benefits, and listed some examples of products under electronic appliances.

The consumer electronics appliances career path is one of the best career paths with many attractive benefits.

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