Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path? Yes/No ☑️☑️

Is air freight/delivery services a good career path?

Yes, Air freight delivery services is a good career path and might also be a perfect fit for you.

Meanwhile, when you read this post, you’ll get to know if this career path will fit your desire and want.

As a student or a dream chaser, you might have heard of air freight/delivery services, and you want to know if the career path is good enough to satisfy your want and cover your financial needs.

Just continue reading to learn more about air freight/delivery services.

WARNING: if you fail to read this post, you’ll miss one of the best opportunities.

What Career paths is Air Freight Delivery Services?

Freight /delivery services is a career path based on shipping goods for people, with different means of transportation, either by train, aircraft, bus, etc.

In another form, air freight/delivery services are companies that help people to ship goods or product through air.

Is air freight/delivery services a good career path

4 Benefits of Air Freight/ Delivery Services Career Path

1. Increase demand:

As time goes on, many people are beginning to understand the benefit of air freight/delivery services. They are now open to taking advantage of this course to ease their stress and get a trusted means of shipping from one place to another.

So, the more people are exposed to this service and begin to take advantage of freight delivery services, the more job opportunities.

The air freight/delivery service industry is growing every day, and it has yet to hit its stopping limit.

Business owners are now open to using air freight delivery services to ship products or equipment because they count it as a cheaper option.

Another reason for the increase is because people with little/small products can now quickly ship their products at a cheaper rate with air freight/delivery services.

2. Little Educational Requirements

The educational requirements of the air freight/delivery services career path are not too complex.

You don’t need a master’s degree before getting a job in the freight/delivery services career path.

Moreover, your educational qualifications can put you ahead of someone with none, but the main point is having all the required skills for the job.

After further research, we can confirm that 60% of jobs in the air freight/delivery services career path only need a High school diploma or GED to get hired.

3. Decent Annually Earnings

In the freight/delivery services career path, you earn a decent income annually.

4. Work hours

There’s a good shift timing in this career path that allows you to have time for yourself and go out on vacation with your families.

Meanwhile, the working hours are determined mainly by your functioning posting, and a driver will have a different shift timing.

10 Best Paying Air Jobs Freight/Delivery Services

1. Freight coordinator – $78,000 per year

A freight coordinator job is one of the best-paying jobs in freight/delivery services.

The job of a freight coordinator is typically for someone with enough knowledge and idea of how to coordinate freight.

The freight coordinator gives instructions and ensures all the necessary duties are done at the right time to meet expectations.

A freight coordinator will be in charge of a particular freight team and must ensure the goods/product gets to the leading destination at due time.

Educational Requirements
The educational requirements for the position of a freight coordinator is at least a High school diploma or GED in a course related to this field.

2. Freight Agent $88,000 per year

A freight agent is an individual or company that works independently without a contract but sells their deals to freight brokers.

A freight agent is a company or individual that doesn’t have the required license to work independently, but they work directly with a freight broker to get Delivery done for their clients.

Most freight agents have direct contact with a freight broker, who helps the agent provide space for any goods and products.

The educational requirements for a freight agent are at least a High school diploma or GED.

Skills required

1. Communication skills
2. Ability to negotiate
3. Good relationship

3. Freight Manager – $86,000 per year

A freight manager is a person that plays an essential duty in a freight company.

The freight manager job is among the highest paying jobs in freight delivery services.

Their primary duty is to give directives and coordinate and oversee the functions of an ever angel in a freight company.

Meanwhile, their job is one of the best paying jobs in the air freight/delivery services career path because they hold one of the most prominent roles in the company.

Skills required
1. Good management skills
2. Good communication
3. Leadership qualities and experience.

4. Freight Broker – $75,000 – $234,000 per year

A freight broker job is among the highest paying jobs in freight delivery services.

A freight broker is a person whose job is to stand between the shipper and freight delivery company, and they are the one that follows up with both the shipper and freight to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Moreover, the job of a freight broker does not require a high-level educational grade, but You need to have at least a high school diploma or GED if you ever want to meet the necessary qualification.

5. Freight Handler $67,000 per year

A freight handler position is also one of the best jobs in the career path of air freight/delivery services.

Their job is mainly to manage the income and outgoing freight and check to ensure the freight storage is intact and done appropriately.

Skills required
1. Communication skills and good English
2. Hard-working.

Requirements For Air Freight/Delivery Services Career path

1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are one of the essential requirements in the freight/delivery services career path. Without good communication skills, you might find understanding what your colleagues are saying challenging.

Moreover, Communication skills are also needed when expressing yourself or discussing a particular issue.

2. Hard work

Hard work plays a significant part in a company’s success, and it’s an essential skill required.

3. At least a High school diploma or GED

Getting the required educational qualifications will put you in the perfect position for the job.


This post thoroughly explains everything you know about air freight/delivery services.

We answer the question, “is air freight/delivery services a good career path?”.

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