How to lubricate laptop hinges without damaging it

How to lubricate laptop hinges

If you’re having issues with your laptop screen, it might be time to lube up your hinges. Over time, the hinges on your laptop will get stiff over time. If you have been experiencing this problem, then this post is definitely for you.
In this article, I show you how to lubricate laptop hinges. You know, a little bit of lubricant in there to get things moving again. Lubricating your laptop hinges can also help prevent future issues with your screen, so it’s a win-win.
So if you are looking for how to lubricate your laptop hinges, don’t worry, I got your back on this. I try  to make this post simple and generic so you can apply it to any brand of laptop you may be dealing with. So let’s get started on this.

Method 1 Using Lubricant

To lubricate your laptop  hinges.  Add a  small amount of oil and open and close the laptop multiple times. You can either use a lubricant made specifically for computers or WD-40, which is a general-purpose lubricant. Any lubricant should be kept away from the screen because it can damage it. Remember to use a small amount to avoid damaging your laptop.

alternatively, the 3 in 1 motor lubricant is also an excellent alternative for lubricating your laptop hinges. Simply apply a drop or two and wait a few minutes for it to properly penetrate the hinges. After that, open and close it a few times to let the oil into the hinges. The grade sewing oil wouldn’t be a bad option either. You can also use the high-grade sewing oil. All you have to do is turn the laptop sideways and sprinkle a few drops in there, and the squeaky sound should go away.

Method 2. Using compressed air

Another option is to remove the screen’s plastic surround. This allows you to inspect the inside of the black plastic cylinder that houses the hinge. You should be able to see it well now.  Now With an air compressor, spray powerful air into the black cylinder all around the hinge. This may also be help.

Method 3: meeting an expert

If you don’t want to lubricate it yourself, maybe  You’re probably scared of  damaging it if you don’t do it properly. You may easily acquire replacement parts for a few dollars on eBay or Amazon, or contact you can contact your laptop manufacturer for assistance with lubrication or a new set of replacement materials. Alternatively, contacting a nearby laptop repair shop is a good way to get your laptop hinges completely greased.

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Why do laptop hinges harden over time?

The hinges on a laptop might stiffen over time, making it difficult to open and close the screen properly. The lubricant inside the hinges frequently dries up over time, causing this. The hinges  become difficult to move as a result, causing the screen to become misaligned. The hinges can even become entirely trapped in some circumstances.


The lubricants in the hinges harden with time as a result of frequent use, which is mainly  opening and closing of the laptop. To get it working, the best answer is to use the proper lubrication.


Another key factor for the hardening of your laptop hinges is exposure to various weather conditions exposure to various weather conditions. The hardening of our laptop hinges is also influenced by the way  and weather conditions around which you place your laptop

So you know, the ideal temperature for storing or keeping your laptop is cold and dry. So, anything outside of cold and dry temperatures will shorten the life of the laptop hinges. So, keep your laptop in a cool, dry environment to extend the life of the hinges. 

How to flex out laptop hinge joints

to flex out the hinges on your laptop joints

1. Locate your laptop’s hinge joints.They are the two metal pieces on either side of the screen.

2. Gently bend them out and lubricate the hinge joints with a small amount of lubricant.You can do this using a toothpick or a Q-tip. Ensure that any surplus lubricant is wiped away. Applying too much heat to your laptop can cause it to overheat.

3. You can lubricate your laptop hinges by using a can of compressed air. Hold the can upright and spray the hinge joint while moving the laptop. You can also try to flex the hinge joints gently. If your laptop screen is cracked, you can try to fix it by yourself. However, if you are not sure how to do it, it is best to take your laptop to a technician to avoid further damage.

Note: In order to eliminate screen difficulties, this should be done every few months.

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Hinges.

There are a few things we can do to extend the life of our laptop hinges. Our laptop hinges break most of the time when they fall out of our hands. Laptop hinges are also damaged by frequent opening and closing. Another reason for laptop hinges is the type of material used to make them. Most low-cost laptops have extremely delicate elements, including the hinges. They tend to become loose and break over time owing to their low quality, so the best method to avoid the problem of laptop hinges breaking is to buy premium laptops made of strong and lasting materials

However, if you’ve already purchased a laptop and are seeking a means to properly care for it so that the hinges don’t fail and other issues don’t affect the display, read on. The guidelines below will assist you in properly caring for your laptop hinges.

1. When shutting down your laptop, don’t put too much pressure on it.

2. When closing the laptop, only use the button part of it.This will prevent your laptop hinges from cracking.

3. If you need to move the laptop, hold it by the borders.The edges are the best location to hold your laptop to avoid accidentally destroying the hinges.

4.Ensure that you use the proper lubricant on a regular basis. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your laptop’s hinges from breaking. because it will make it easier to open and save it.

5. Do not hold the laptop by the display, as this may cause the hinges to crack.

6. Nothing should be placed on top of your laptop.

7. Keep your device at a comfortable temperature.

8. To avoid damage, always transport your laptop in a laptop bag.

9.Keep your laptop at a cool temperature.


Laptop hinges are an often-overlooked part of your device, but you should always keep them in mind. Preventative care is the best way to make sure that your laptop hinges remain useful throughout their life cycle.
You don’t want to break down on the road or at work because you weren’t proactive enough about keeping up with the basics! It’s also important not to use too much force when opening and closing your laptop lid; this can be damaging over time.

However, in order for you to get the most out of your laptop and avoid problems while using it, particularly when it comes to the hinges. That is why I took the time to produce this comprehensive guide on how to lubricate laptop hingesI I’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to lubricate your laptop hinges. I can tell you that if you properly follow my directions, you will get the most from your laptop. Just keep in mind to proceed with caution.

In any case, I hope you find these articles beneficial. Please let us know if you know of any other ways on how  to lubricate laptop hinges besides the ones given above in the comments section; your input will be highly appreciated.


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