How To share MTN Data 2022 (3 easy ways)

How To  Share  MTN Data with family and friends

Data is the fuel that powers our access to communicate with the world. Almost everything we do online requires data, from watching videos to chatting to reading our e-mails.

Asa result, data is something we should always have in abundance.Data can be quite expensive at times, but we literally can’t do without it

And MTN happens to be one of the biggest data providers in Nigeria. There are occasions  when we purchase a large quantity of MTN data and it happens that we can’t or won’t be able to exhaust it

before the specified expiration date, and the only solution we have at that moment is to share the data with our friends and loved ones. Or maybe you should feel like gifting your friend some amount of data for their use.

That’s where this article comes in. A lot of people wish to share their MTN data with their friends and family, but they do not know how.

All you have to do is

Subscribe to a data bundle plan that supports Data transfer and sharing. In

this article, I am going to teach you how to share your MTN data with your family and friends by following the simple steps I will be explaining below.

I will try to make the explanation simple and generic so anyone who comes across it will be able to understand and apply it.


Please keep in mind that you will no longer be required to give a PIN for this service. As a result, data transfer has become easier.

sharing  MTN data ussing USSD code

Using a USSD code to transfer MTN is one of the easiest data transfer methods. To share your MTN data using a USSD code, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: dial *131*7#.

step 2: choose from the data balance

step3: Enter the recipient’s phone number;

Step 4: Choose the amount of data you want to send.

Step 5: Now press the Proceed button. Once you’ve successfully sent the data you wanted to your recipient,


1. The maximum quantity of data you can transfer every day is 1 gigabyte.

2. Before clicking the “Proceed” option, double-check the number to avoid sending the data to the wrong person.

3. If you do not receive a confirmation message for your data transfer, please wait a few minutes before resending so that you do not send the data to your recipients twice.  

Sharing data Using SMS Method

You can also share MTN data using a simple SMS.

All you have to do is to type “Share” followed by the receiver’s 11-digit number and the amount of data you wish to send to the person, and send the message to 131. Within 30 seconds, your receiver would have received the desired amount of data. You wish to share

Step by step guide to sharing data using sms

1. Go to the message app on your phone and launch 2

2. Now type “Share” which should be followed by the reciever number and the amount of data you want to share with your desired person. Example: transfer space > phone number > space > data amount and to 131.

3. Let’s assume you want to transfer 500MB to 08036896211. The right way to do this via SMS is this. Transfer 08036896211 200 and send it to 131.
You should get a confirmation message after a few seconds.

Please remember to wait for a confirmation message within a few seconds. If you don’t receive a confirmation message,

it’s possible that the problem is with the network. Please do not resend the SMS to avoid sending your reciever a double of your selected data plan and also Subscribe to a data bundle plan that supports data transfer and sharing.

Sharing data Using the MTN App  

1. First of all, the myMTN app should already be installed on your phone. So if you don’t have the app, download it.

2. Open the app (myMTN app) once opened it should take you to your homepage. On the homepage, you’ll be able to see your airtime and data balance. Now click the details close to your data balance.

3. Once you click the details, it opens a new page showing you your current data plan and the expiry date. At the top of that page, there is a place with a share data inscription boldly written on it.

4. Click on the share data. Select the amount of data you want to share. For example, 50 MB or 500 MB. The next step is to enter the beneficiary number.

5. The next step is to click “proceed.” That will take you to a confirmation page. Please make sure you check the number you want to send the data to before confirming.

If this process is well followed, then you have successfully shared the desired data with whoever you intend to share it with.

1 GB is the maximum amount of data you can send in a day.

You can also share MTN data with a friend by using the MTN data gifting feature.

MTN Data gifting or Buy for a friend service

This service allows you to purchase data for a friend using your existing airtime balance. Simply put, if you don’t have enough airtime for the requested amount of data plan, you won’t be able to purchase the desired plan.

However, if you have the required amount in your account balance, you are ready to go. So, if you don’t want to transfer data from your current data plan and instead want to buy directly from your account balance, you should try this method.

How to buy data for a friend using the MTN data buy for a friend

1. Dial *131*7#

2. Select option 2, which is “buy for a friend.”

3. Select the desired data plan you wish to buy for a friend e.g daily plan or monthly plan.

4. Next is to put in your recievers phone number.

5. Then click “proceed.” Now you have successfully purchased the data plan you want for your friend.


How to use the MTN request data service

This MTN request data service allows you to request data from a friend. Remember, this process is not automatic. The person you are requesting the data from can either accept your request or reject it. If the person accepts it, Then he would send you the data using any of the data transfer methods we have listed above.

How to request for data:

Step 1. Dial *131*7#

Step 2. Select option 3, which is “request data from a friend.”

Step 3. Once you select, request data from a friend. You have to input in your friend’s number and click “proceed
4 Once you have clicked proceed, watch out for a  message on the screen showing

Y’ello! Your request for data to the phone number 234*********** has been delivered.


1.Be aware that the person from whom you requested the data will be contacted, and they will have the option of accepting or rejecting your data request.

2. They can use any of the above procedures to transfer or purchase data for you. It’s simple since the option to buy or send you data will be displayed on their screen immediately.
3. You may simply view all pending requests if you have issued a data request to more than one person.

MTN  Data transfer tips

  • You can transfer 50MB, 100MB_500MB at a time. However, for your transfer to be successful, you must have at least 50 MB in your data balance after each transfer.
  • Data bundles can be gifted as long as you have enough credit/airtime on your line.
  • You can only transfer twice per day. The total quantity you can transfer at any given time and in a day, however, is/1GB. Which is approximately 1000mb
  • Except for XtraValue plans, you can purchase any data plan as many times as you desire for your your friends
    The MTN data gifting is meant for all MTN customers.
  • If you have DND enabled on your connection, you will not get data requests. So to get data request you have to disable full DND
  • You can check the balance of the gifted data bundle using any of the methods.

To   check balance using USSD: Dial *131*4#

To check gifted balance using  myMTN App > Bundle > Share data > shareable data balance

To check the gifted balance using SMS: Text 2 to 131 USSD: Dial *131*4# myMTN App > Bundle > Share data > shareable data balance

How to check data  balance for MTN

To check the data balance on MTNDial *131*4#MTN data transfer code*131*7#


How to transfer MTN data to Glo

To the best of my knowledge, You cannot transfer MTN data to Glo. Although I am pretty sure such things might come in the future, for now, there is no possible way that I know that you can share MTN data to Glo.


How to share MTN data is a question a lot of people actually ask. Although the process is simple, many don’t know about it. That is why I have taken my time to write this detailed article explaining how to share your MTN data using the 3 methods.

1. Ussd code

2. Sms

3. MTN app

I have tried to explain this transfer process to the best of my knowledge. Anyway, I hope you find these articles useful. If you know of any other methods on how to share MTN data besides the ones listed above, please let us know in the comments section; your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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