How to combine 001 and 002 files

How to combine 001 and 002 files.

From wedding invitations to business cards, 001 and 002 files make it easy to print in high quality. But what happens when you need to combine them?

This is when we recommend using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to combine your two files into one.

You can either place the two files into the same document, or you can place them into separate files and then combine them. It’s up to you and your needs or better still use the jhsplit software to merge the two files together

 But alot of  of people find it difficult joining 001 and 002 files that why I have decided to write a detailed article on “How to combine 001 and 002 files.
Am pretty sure if you follow these methods, you will be able to merge your 001 and 002 files together.

 What are 001 and 002 files?

001 and 002 files are used to combine two different video or audio files into one.
This is often done when you want to combine a video and its audio track, or when you have multiple video files that you want to combine into one long video.
001 and 002 files are also used to create seamless loops, which are videos or audio files that playback continuously without interruption.
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How to tell the difference between 001 and 002 files

There are a few ways to differentiate between 001 and 002 files. The most obvious way is to look at the file extension. 001 files end in.001, while 002 files end in.002.
However, this is not always the case, as some programs will change the file extension automatically.
A more reliable way to tell the difference is by looking at the file size. 001 files will be significantly smaller than 002 files.
Finally, you can open the files and look at the information inside. 001 files will only contain the basic information, while 002 files will have additional information that is not found in 001 files.


Combining 001 and 002 files using HJSplit  software.

How to combine 001 and 002 files
HJsplit Software app
Joining the 001 and 002 files You should try this strategy first, because it worked for me. It’s possible that you’re dealing with an entire file that you’re unfamiliar with, or a split archive.
I downloaded the files and they appeared to be named file name.exe.001, file name.exe.002, and so on. It could be file name.pdf.001 or file name.ipa.exe, but you’re likely to see the original extension in this case.
You need to Download a software called hjsplit to join these split files, and it’s quite easy to use.

How to use HJSplit  to join split files

1. Launch HJSplit.exe.
2. Click Join
3. Select Input File and locate the first.001 file.
Click on Start. This should merge the file. It will locate the rest of the files so long as you place them in the same folder.

How to combine 001 and 002 files in Illustrator


How to combine 001 and 002 files
Adobe illustrator app for combining 0011 and 002 files
As you create more and more files, you may find yourself with several documents that you want to combine into one. This process is simple in Illustrator.
1. First, Open the files you want to combine. Make sure they’re all visible on your screen.
2. Next, select the first file and click “File” > “Place.” A thumbnail of the file will appear in the document.
3. Now, select the second file and click “File” > “Control.” This will bring up a menu with several options.
4. the “Merge Files into One Document” option to combine the files.

If you have two files that you want to combine, it’s actually a very easy process. Just follow these simple steps:


When trying to combine 001 and 002 files, you have a few options. Depending on the format of your file, you can either open it in Illustrator or use the jhsplit software.

In this article, we’ve provided two methods for joining OO1 and OO2. I’m confident that if you follow this article carefully, you’ll be able to join your 001 and 002 files.

I hope you find these articles informative. If you know of any other methods for joing 001 and 002 files besides the ones listed above, please let us know in the comments section; your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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