10 Best scanner Apps for Android


Scanning is the process of converting the original document into a digital file using a device. And lately, smartphones have become more than just phones. They have become full-fledged computers that allow you to browse the web, make calls, take photos, listen to music, and much more. Because of this, the need to be able to access all these things on the go has grown. This is where the scanner apps come in. Due to the powerful cameras that are embedded in various smartphones, they can now serve as perfect scanners for your documents. They do more than just perform the scanning function. They do a lot more. They Scan can be used as a PDF reader scanner, a scanner for business documents, digital copies of physical documents, and more. This incredible app also combines scanned pages with photos, images, and text using its OCR technology, as well as other features found in a standard scanner.

However, a wide variety of scanners have been integrated into smartphones.They have been used to scan various types of data, from simple documents to barcodes. However, the quality of these scanners has been quite poor and they have not been very efficient. Thankfully, there have been a number of third-party applications that have been designed to give users a better scanner experience. So we have decided to bring to you the 10 best scanner apps for Android.

10 best scanner app for Android

  • Adobe scanner
  • Google drive scanner App
  • Google photo scanner App
  • Camscanner
  • Microsoft lens scanner
  • Vflatscanner
  • Scanner to pdf
  • Genius scanner
    Adobe Scanner
  • Turbo scanner
  • Notebloc scanner

1.Adobe scanner

Adobe Scanner app can be used as a PDF reader scanner, a scanner for business documents, a scanner for digital copies of physical documents, and more. It can also combine scanned pages with photos, images, and text using its OCR technology, as well as other features found in a standard scanner. Users can take pictures of a document to automatically capture images, or use a variety of additional features like batch scanning, auto-feed, and document templates.Consequently, this app has the option to automatically connect to other scanning apps, such as Google Docs or Box, to get images directly into those services.

2. Google drive scanner

Google Drive Scanner is a Google doc scanner app that is now available for Android users. It allows you to scan documents with your mobile device. The app supports many file types, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, OCR, ODP, ODPT, ODT, SWF, XLSB, XLSM, XLSX, PAG, PPTM, PPTX, PPS, SGI, SGF, PPTZ, DOCM, PPSZ, DVI, BMP, JPG. This app serves as a fantastic way to scan a list of various kinds of documents using your phone. It also lets you organize the scanned documents and share them with others in your team. This app is preferred the most as it allows you to create PDFs from your scanned documents. Google drive scanner app is one of the best scanner apps for Android. It is available for download on the PlayStore.

2.Google photoscanner

Photo Scan is a Google application available for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to scan documents using your device’s camera, and it will automatically correct the orientation, straighten the image, remove unwanted objects, and enhance the image. You can then export your image in JPG or PDF format, or you can email it directly to someone. Photo Scan can be used to scan business cards, receipts, photos, and more. This is a very useful feature for everyone, especially students. If you have ever had to scan a document for class, you know how much time it can take, especially if you are working with multiple pages. Google has simplified this process by making it incredibly easy to use the Photo Scan feature.
One of the main advantages of this app is that it is very easy to use and does not require any additional computer or special equipment. This means that anyone with a smartphone and a camera can start scanning their documents and saving them as PDFs. I would personally say this is one of the best scanner apps available for Android at the moment.


CamScanner is one of the best Android scanner apps out there. The app can be used to scan documents, whiteboards, business cards, and much more. The app has a range of features that make it a good choice for a scanner app. The app has high resolution, a number of editing tools to help correct the images and a number of sharing options to send the documents wherever you want to. This app is compatible with devices running Android version 4.0 and higher. You can scan documents, notes, invoices, and other papers using the app. The app allows you to use the flash on your phone when you’re scanning documents, and it also enables you to crop and rotate your images. It also allows you to add annotations and convert your files into PDFs.

4. Microsoft lens scanner

Microsoft Lens app is one of the best scanner apps for Android. Just like the Google Lens app, Microsoft Lens lets you search for objects, text, and images. It also has other features, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which lets you convert text in images to editable text. You can use OCR to scan documents, and then use it to add text to documents.

The Microsoft Lens app is one of the best scanner apps for Android. It’s a really nice app with a lot of features, such as the fun photo and effects. This app is built into the latest versions of Android and is powered by the Microsoft Cloud.

5. Vflat scanner

Flat Scan is an app that allows you to scan documents, photos, and receipts in bulk. This app is extremely useful in my line of work because it makes my job easier. If I were to send my documents to the company that I work for in order for them to be scanned, I would have to wait days or even weeks for them to return to me. Instead of waiting that long, I can use the Flat Scan

to scan all of my documents into PDFs and send them straight from my phone to my email.

The vFlatScan App uses the camera of your smartphone or tablet to display a flat scan of a document. It can be used

to scan all types of documents.

 6. Scanner to PDF

This app allows you to scan documents, pictures, receipts, or any type of document you want to turn into a PDF file for later use. The best part about this app is that it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra money on it. You can then choose which folder you would like to save it to. You can also choose the name of the PDF and what type of file it is ( Excel, Word, etc.).

 7. Scan to PDF

Scan to PDF scanner app is a free scanner app that allows you to scan documents, receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboards, and even business cards from your device camera. It is a document scanner app for your device. Scan to pdf PDF scanner app has a simple design and easy to use. You can easily scan and convert your image into a pdf document using the scan to pdf PDF scanner app.

PDF scanner is a free tool that can convert images or scans of any document into PDF files. This is a free online app that scans your document using your webcam or uploads an existing image of your document. The app can also save scanned images as JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files. This app also has some useful features that are not offered on other free online apps.

The best way to scan your documents is to use your iPhone or iPad. You can quickly use the scan feature in the iPhone’s Mail app. For example, scan an important document for work and share it with your co-workers via email. The iPad’s camera has a higher resolution than the iPhone camera.

Your Android device that you use for scanning to PDF will be found, and then you can simply click that and it will start to scan to PDF. It has a very simple interface and it is easy to use, so anyone can use this app to scan to pdf. You can rescan after scanning to pdf.

 8. Genuis scanner

Genius Scan is an application that can be used on a Mac or a PC. You only have to press one button to take a picture, then the application will turn the picture into a PDF format (you can customize the settings). You can then choose to save that PDF on your computer or send it by email.
When you capture an image of a document, your device will automatically detect the main text in the document. For example, if the document is a receipt, then it will automatically detect the digits on the receipt. You can also use your finger to select the part of the document that you want to capture. The captured text is accurate and makes the process of capturing documents very easy.Genius Scan is by far my favourite app, as it also enables you to edit, share, and organize your scans. It can detect edges, straighten images, enhance lighting and remove color defects. I recommend genius scanner app because it’s one of the best scanners for Android phones.

9. Turbo scanner

Scan documents, receipts, and other items in seconds.

Turbo Scan is a mobile application that was created to make reading documents on your phone quick and easy. The app allows you to scan the document, and it will automatically upload the document to a cloud server. Once uploaded, the document can be viewed on a computer or a tablet by using a web browser. It offers a variety of features that allow the user to quickly transform any hard-copy document into a digital format.

This app was created for both the Android and iOS operating systems. It is an excellent tool for converting paper documents to PDF. This app is very easy to use and offers a simple interface that is easy to handle.


 10. Notebloc scanner



The Notebloc scanner app is a popular app that helps students read and scan the contents of a textbook quickly and easily. It provides users with an interactive experience that can help them better understand the contents of textbooks and other reading materials. The app is simple and easy to use. The interface is clean and intuitive, and it is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, including iOS and Android.

Notebloc is a free note taking  application that allows you to take notes, scan documents, and save them for viewing at a later time. The app allows you to snap a picture of what you want to save, and the app will convert it into an editable format. You can then add tags, dates, and locations so that it is easy to find the information you need later.Moreover, Notebloc is a digital tool for sharing, organizing, and preserving one’s notes, no matter if the physical notebook is lost, or for archiving. It is a tool that is able to transfer all of your notes into digital format, no matter if you are using an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook product. Notebloc is also able to transfer collections of different types of content, no matter if it is PDFs, images, text documents, or handwritten notes. You can then organize them into various folders or tags. Lastly, the app has a clean and nice interface for easy use. It is also one or the best scanner for Android phones.

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